Our server

Atlantica is now on 1.9.2 so come on by and spend some time with us enjoying the new update. A lot has changed since 1.8 and that’s not just about the game. Atlantica has gone through many changes since 1.4 to 1.9, most notably the 1.8 player/staff ranks reset. Since the reset we have tried to keep the Atlantica motives alive with a minimal requirements from when you join, to when you can build! Additionally Atlantica is no longer hosted from DarkEgl’s local machine, we have upgraded to a virtual privet server which allows us to utilize duel core with the speed of solid state drives on a raid 10 setup.

Atlantica is for everyone to use, non op donor perks only. Each donation goes to pay for MC.Atlantica’s monthly server hosting costs. By donating you may receive several special thanks. All donators for Atlantica are given priority connections.

We are currently looking for mature staff who can help us with the massive influx of new players. If you feel like this could be you, please email us at support@atlantica.us so we can start your staff training.

Gameplay style

On atlantica we have a very unique style of gameplay, survival and creative on a single world. LimtiedCreative allows up to keep spawned items seperate from survival items. This means you can build that epic size build of yours in creative, while still enjoying your survival gameplay. You won't be able to use each and every block in creative, so if you want to do redstone work, rails, beacons, or breeding you would have to do this in survival. Our server has autorank. This allows us to automaically grant players new permissions based on how much ontime you have. The more ontime, the more epic things you will be able to do.

Donations are accepted, and rewarded with your choice of various packages from our buycraft webpage.

Donator ranks include:
		  Donator Perks include:
		  Ingame skin changing menu
		  Skin restore permission
		  Colored chat name and messages
		  ability to use /back
		  ability to use /repair
Server specifications

This is just a landing page for our minecraft server, Our Full Website is located on a seperate webhost. Our server has a 4 core Intel Xeon processor 3.6 ghz, 32gb of 2133mhz ram, 240gb of SSD raid-10.

We are currently working on adding our dynamicmap back to Atlantica. When the map is operational, it will replace this webpage.

Reporting Problems

If you have a problem or anything that requires a staff members reveiw or action please email our support team at Support@atlantica.us

Please report bugs, greif, downage, disruption in services, harrasment to us promptly. Also feel free to email us any suggestions and feedback you may have about mc.atlantica.us